What’s in a Food Stylists Bag

Making food look amazing on set is as much the job of the food stylist as it is the photographer and retouchers. Here are the tools that a food stylists uses to get the job done.

There are loads of hoax videos online about food photography and the styling processes that take place (I wrote an article on it here). Although those videos are pretty far fetched, there is a lot of skill and craftsmanship involved in food styling. Understanding how food should look, taste, and feel is paramount, but having the right tools to achieve this is as important as the photographers camera.

I am sure that you have seen a million “What’s in my camera bag videos”, I certainly have and even ten years in, I still very much enjoy them. This video goes into what a food stylist carries in their bag, how they use them and what they use them for. From circle cutters to scalpels and right through to the right tweezers and surfboard wax. 

Unlike photography, you can’t do a degree or any form of formal qualification in the UK for food styling, so you really have to know what you are doing and have a thirst for knowledge. There is also a real lack of information on YouTube about food styling. Apart from assisting, there really isn’t a straight forward way to learn the job.

How much of this have you seen be pulled out during a shoot?



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