How to Create Professional Looking Video in a One Bedroom Apartment

One deterrent that photographers and videographers often encounter can be loosely defined as “situation”; not having enough space, not being in the right location, and not having the right gear. There is almost always a way.
I remember the intense pull of Gear Acquisition Syndrome in my early days as a photographer, and while I knew I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be technically, I still felt that so many things held me back. When I shot on APS-C, I want convinced full frame was the answer. When I wanted to try landscape photography, I was certain that my boring home turf would be a barrier (possibly right to a degree here), and when I started doing studio-style work, I knew I wouldn’t get far without a real studio.

None of these self-imposed restrictions were true barriers and I found ways around most of them until I was in a position to change them. One common objection to starting a YouTube channel is along the same lines: space. Many of us have used excuses like this and in this video, Evan Ranft shows just how much you can do with limited space. He has a one-bedroom, studio apartment and creates great, high-end video content that you wouldn’t be able to tell wasn’t taken in a studio, particularly the talking head parts.

If you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, stream, or create video content, this video could really help improve your results.


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