Free Educational Event: Sony Creative Space 2021

It’s rare to have a free educational event. It’s even rarer to have such an event with big-name educators such as Chris Burkard, Scott Robert Lim, and Brooke Shaden. But the Sony Creative Space 2021 is doing just that plus so much more. 

While education may be one of the main reasons to attend this free event, Sony promises more than a simple classroom-style event. Instead, they are offering a “launchpad for your creativity.” Because not only will you be learning from some of the industry’s best educators, you will also be taking part in an amazing community that Sony has been building and developing over the past years. You will get the chance to interact with not only the educators but a large group of like-minded creatives. 

In addition to the education and networking opportunities, Sony is also offering live portfolio reviews as well as a handful of giveaways. So, you will also have the chance to have your work reviewed by some actually Sony Ambassadors. And if you have never had your work reviewed by an established artist, then you won’t want to miss this. The insights that can be gathered from these types of reviews can really give you that needed push into the right direction to start creating better work. 

The best part about this entire event though is that it is completely free! But there is one catch. You must register prior to the event. Also, if you want a chance to take part in the portfolio review, you must upload your images before the event as well. The event takes place December 5th, so make sure to register now and secure your spot.


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