How to Get In-Focus Images When Shooting at Wide Apertures

A lot of us love to shoot at very wide apertures, but with that extremely narrow depth of field, you also have to be very careful to make sure you do not miss focus. This great video will give you some helpful tips for ensuring that you increase your keeper rate when you are shooting wide-aperture photos. 

Coming to you from Lindsay Adler Photography, this helpful video will give you some great tips for shooting at very wide apertures. Shallow depth of field portraits are quite popular, but they take careful technique and attention to your settings to make sure you get them right. Thankfully, many modern mirrorless cameras have some fantastic features to make your life a little easier, with eye autofocus being a particularly welcome innovation (even more impressive are cameras that accurately track the eye in continuous mode or even work with animal eyes). Nonetheless, even with modern tools, you still need proper technique. One often overlooked issue is the way you hold your camera: be sure that you are keeping your elbows into your body, stand still, and try to exhale with each shot to steady yourself. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Adler.


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