7 Things a Photographer Wishes He Had Known Before Starting Out

Photography can be a tricky thing to get into, with lots of different factors you have to master all at once to be successful. This great video discusses seven things an experienced photographer wishes he had known when he first started.

Coming to you from Photo Tom, this helpful video features him discussing seven things he wishes he had known when he first got into photography. Of them, I think two of the most salient are not obsessing about (and overspending on) gear to the point of missing photography opportunities and the importance of consistently finding time to simply go out and photograph. It is certainly easy to get caught up in the allure of gear, and while there is nothing wrong with geeking out about cameras (after all, they are pretty cool gadgets), if it gets to the point that you think more about equipment than you do about taking images, it might be time to reconsider things. Similarly, it is crucial to consistently practice, as photography skills can wither if they are not maintained. Even taking a short walk with your camera every day can make a huge difference. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips. 



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