Motion Array Releases a New Extension for Adobe

Do you regularly work on video projects and find yourself spending a lot of time searching for various assets online? Motion Array has released a new extension for Adobe to help you cut down on the time you spend jumping between your project and your internet browser.

If there is one thing I have learned so far, when it comes to video editing, time can quickly disappear when searching for that perfect song or music clip to go with the project or always browsing to find that one special effect that makes the video look exactly how you intended. And, this is excluding the time you waste editing a clip to a song, only to realize it wasn’t a royalty free song after all (this is coming from personal experience!) and a new one needs to be found again. 

To reduce the amount of time you spend looking for assets online and instead have more time to focus on the actual editing process, Motion Array have just released a new extension for Adobe users. Working exclusively within Adobe, such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, without leaving the software, you can browse the entire Motion Array library containing various templates, stock video footage, royalty free music, and more. You can then preview and add your chosen assets to your video projects, without risking distractions that may otherwise interrupt your workflow. 

The extension itself can be downloaded and used for free, but to gain access to the entire asset library, you have to register or log in as a paid Motion Array account user, however, you can still gain access to free downloads using the free membership. To install this extension, all you have to od is simply download, install, and log into your Motion Array account by choosing “Windows”, followed by “Extensions” in the drop down menu, and tick “Motion Array”. Initially, the extension will be free floating; you can grab and drag it within the software to where it suits your workflow. 

If you want to try out this extension, head over to Motion Array Adobe Extension link for a direct download. If you want to review pricing for an unlimited library access, you can compare the pricing packages here

Will you be testing our this extension? Do you think it would help you work smarter not harder?


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