Three Easy Posing Tips for Engagement Shoots

If you’ve ever shot a couple or a subject who doesn’t much care for having their photo taken, you become immediately and acutely aware of how important your direction is. Here are three easy posing tips for engagement photos.

I remember my first subject that didn’t want to be my subject. I’m not going to narrow down who this is in case they read it, but they just did not want to have their photo taken. Unfortunately for them, we had two hours together and had to get shots. At first it wasn’t just awkward, it was frosty. The subject made it pretty clear from body language and silence that they did not want this couples shoot and had been dragged along. His partner was lovely and apologetic, but try as I might, I couldn’t even really get a conversation going. So I discussed with his partner how much I hated having my photo taken and how I chose my career well, as I’m the right side of the lens. We decided to do some shots of his fiancee solo while he watched, and we just chatted and had some fun.

Fortunately for all three of us, I hit my stride after a few shots and once he saw some good shots of his beautiful partner, he warmed a little to the idea. I have a Pinterest board full of posing inspiration, and I began to play off of some of those for his first involvement, and then take it from there. The gentleman relaxed in to the shoot and we came away with some unambiguously great and natural images of a vibrant couple. So my advice would be to arm yourself with posing advice.

With that in mind, the above video is three easy posing tips for couples shoot, given to us by Pye Jirsa on Creative Live. You can never have too many posing ideas, so drink it in!


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