Fine Art Photographer Jaime Ibarra’s Battle With Multiple Sclerosis

Internationally known for his fine art portraiture with his signature color palettes, artist Jaime Ibarra has been respected and loved for this photography and post production work for several years. However, a devastating diagnosis recently has him reluctantly reaching out for help, as full-time artists unfortunately have to do when tragedy strikes.

Once a popular stalwart of DeviantART during its heyday, Ibarra has long since expanded into the education world with fantastic tutorials covering his approaches, philosophies, and vision in photography. He is regarded as an eccentric perhaps, but nonetheless a respected educator and industry icon, and featured on Fstoppers before as well.

Having to now contend with multiple sclerosis is life-changing, to say the least, and sadly it has affected Ibarra’s ability work, to make his art, and to create educational content. Close friends have encouraged him to start a fundraising campaign to help with his mounting medical bills, and he has hesitantly posted this to his website and GoFundMe fundraising page. While online fundraisers carry all sorts of varying opinions among photography industry folks, this is definitely one I can get behind, and I urge you to consider helping out if you can.

We will try to keep you updated on Ibarra’s battle with MS, and we at Fstoppers wish him all the best on the road to managing this incredibly difficult condition.


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