Photographer Creates and Captures Stunning Installations to Raise Awareness on Fast Fashion [BTS]

At this point, I’m convinced there are clones of Benjamin Von Wong’s walking this earth. The artist just keeps churning out great projects one after the other. To not only inspire photographers like you and me, but to make a positive difference in today’s world.

For Von Wong’s latest project, he illustrates the world’s issue of fashion and contributions to being one of the biggest polluters on the planet. He teamed up with Laura Francois to raise awareness for the fight against fast fashion. This project has some similarities to his one his recent projects

The Plan

Von Wong’s vision was to turn abandoned clothes into installations to represent the effects of clothing has on humanity and something that would remind people where their clothes are made. The shoot took place in an abandoned factory in Cambodia that used to employ 5,000 workers.

Through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, he sourced enthusiastic volunteers to join the mission to make this possible. They spent a fort nite sorting, moving, and building sets in this factory. Anything from sorting thousands of clothes into separate colors to building scaffolding that cost $1 a day.

The Waterfall

This photo illustrates the fact that 2700 L of water is used to create a single cotton t-shirt. They used flour to create a natural mist to add depth to the scene.

The Tree

While it looks simple, Von Wong explains how difficult this set was to build and photograph. The crooked ground made the scaffolding very difficult to work while building the tree.

One neat little tidbit was Von Wong added a single light with an orange gel hidden behind, along with some smoke, to transform “a boring hallway into something more magical.”

What You Can Do to Help 

After working over a year on this project, Von Wong would like to make one thing known, “That every one of us has the power to simply wear fewer clothes.” For a more in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at this shoot, check out Von Wong’s blog. Learn more about what you can do regarding fast fashion and pollution awareness at


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